Creative Rice Bowl – Japanese Curry

As part of my ongoing challenge to make as many creative dishes as possible whether its baked or cooked, my next challenge was to create a creative rice bowl with Japanese curry. I got this idea after seeing it on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to recreate it with the bf. However, he didn’t take his challenge too seriously so his picture didn’t make the cut in this blog -_-

curry rice dudeThis is actually very simple to make. To make the rice dude, simply layer a shallow bowl with a thin layer of Japanese rice and then shame a semi circle to form the guy’s shoulder. Form a small round ball to make the head and attach it to the shoulder. I also cut thin strips of nori/seaweed to create the facial expression of relaxation. To add a pop of color, I cut up some thinly sliced green onions and inserted them into his head for hair.

Rice manWhen complete, just ladle on the curry and you’re done!

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