Making Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Bunny Butt

A few weeks ago, I made Easter Bunny Cupcakes in celebration of Easter.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Though I don’t personally celebrate the religious holiday, I love bunnies so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make something rabbit themed. A lot of people asked me how I made the bunny topper for the cupcakes, also famously known as the “bunny butt”. It was actually very easy to make but it was time consuming to get it to look right. Being the perfectionist that I was, I spent hours tweaking it until it looked right. I decided to post a step by step photo tutorial on how I made the fondant bunny butt cupcake topper. Here’s what you need:


  • White fondant
  • Pink fondant
  • A little dish of water
  • Small paintbrush

To start, rip off a piece of fondant to make the torso. Using the torso as a guide, rip off additional fondant to form the tail and the feet in proportion to the body. Rip two tiny pieces of pink fondant for the soles of the rabbit’s foot.


If you’re unsure how large to make the torso, use your cupcake as a point of reference and make sure that the cupcake topper doesn’t completely take over the top of your cupcake as you’ll want to leave room for other decorations. I also took the time to flatten the bottom of the torso a little bit so that it stands easily on its own and shaped the ball into more of a torso. Next, assembling the limbs!

paint legs

First I reshaped the legs so that it’s more oval in shape and flattened them a little bit so they look more like rabbit feet. Then, using a small paint brush, I added a dab of water to the soles of the rabbit feet so that the pink fondant (foot pads) have something to adhere to. Since fondant is pretty much 90% sugar, adding water makes it sticky so it is its own glue!

Adding the foot pads are the trickiest because they’re so tiny that it tends to just get stuck on my fingers. That’s why I had to use tweezers for handling and accuracy.

paste legs

Gently press the foot pads onto the feet for a few seconds to help it adhere better. Once the water fully dries, it’ll be glued on completely! Do the same for the other foot and prepare the assembly of the limbs! (Sounds so grim…)

stick legs

Again, take a bit of water and brush it onto the backside of the rabbit’s torso. Gently press each foot onto the torso and hold it there for a few seconds until you feel that its firmly glued on there. Repeat with the other foot, and finally add the tail.

tail texture

This last step is optional but I decided to use a toothpick to add some texture to the bunny’s tail. I poked it a bit and flicked some of the fondant up to make it appear fluffy. Finished bunny butt

And that’s pretty much it! Add it to your iced cupcake and impress people with how cute it looks 🙂

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