Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

After a week of hiatus, we are back! The past week has been so busy for us that we barely had time to cook, forget photographing or documenting our creations. I participated in my first 5km run (Color Me Rad), a fun run with my friends where people throw colored corn starch and gel paint at you as you run so that by the time you finish, it looks as if a unicorn threw up on you. It was really fun and for me, it was quite a major accomplishment seeing as I don’t run….

We also had a housewarming party to attend last week so dinner was already provided which was awesome 🙂 This weekend wasn’t as hectic so I took the time to make some fluffy blueberry pancakes for breakfast.Blueberry Pancakes

Another reason why I decided to make these pancakes was because I really wanted to use this amber maple syrup that we bought at our local farmer’s market a while back. It’s sooo good and I needed an excuse to have it again.

Pancakes are great but most of the time, we find that they’re quite dense. We did some research and was able to find a recipe that produced a fluffy pancake. The secret I believe is the use of buttermilk and baking powder!

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