Hydrangea Cupcake

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I stumbled across one of those short cooking/baking tutorial videos. I generally don’t pay too much attention to those videos but that video caught my eye because the Hydrangea cupcake they were making was so gorgeous and stunning. Most of all, it looked pretty easy to pipe. The only tricky part was figuring out how to get those beautiful colors because each flower consisted of two colors.

I was actually really excited to learn how to make this because I was starting to get bored with what I was baking. Don’t get me wrong, I love to bake but sometimes it feels like I’m always making the same thing. With cupcake or cake decorating, at least I can be creative in terms of how the final presentation looks. Besides, people always eat with their eyes first and even if my baking is horrendous, I can always compensate with a visually appealing dessert ­čÖé

For this type of flower cupcake, they usually call for a 5 star closed tip piping tip. Unfortunately, I purchased the wrong one a while back because I didn’t know enough about piping tips so I had the 8 star closed piping tip. In the end, it achieved a similar result but I don’t think it looks as nice as if I had the 5 starred one. I will have to get myself a Wilton 1B piping tip next time!

To find out how I was able to achieve the mixed color buttercream, check out my upcoming post on how I make unicorn cupcakes.

Decadent Chocolate Coffee Cake

I love chocolate cakes but more often than not,┬áthe cakes I have are┬ádry and lacking that rich chocolate┬áflavour┬áthat I’m looking for. In preparation of my dad and I’s birthday tomorrow,┬áI was once again tasked to make another birthday cake. Kinda sad that I had to make my own birthday cake actually… but not really since I do enjoy doing it so I don’t mind ­čÖé

Birthday Cake

This is the first time that I tried making this chocolate cake recipe. I decided to modify the original recipe slightly so that it had more of a coffee taste to it. I wanted to make a coffee cake but everytime I google’d coffee cake, I get traditional coffee cake, and not coffee flavoured cake -_- so I kinda had to make this one up on the go.

Cake Layers

I was extremely satisfied with the end results. Despite the fact that my cake almost overflowed in the oven because the batter doubled in size and my cake pan wasn’t large enough, it all turned out well. The cake was very moist and rich in chocolate flavour. This recipe is going down in the books – will be making this again. It was sooo good ­čÖé It wasn’t too sweet either so that’s a plus!

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Making Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Bunny Butt

A few weeks ago, I made Easter Bunny Cupcakes in celebration of Easter.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Though I don’t personally celebrate the religious holiday, I love bunnies so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make something rabbit themed. A lot of people asked me how I made the bunny topper for the cupcakes, also famously known as the “bunny butt”. It was┬áactually very easy to make but it was time consuming to get it to look right. Being the perfectionist that I was, I spent hours tweaking it until it looked right. I decided to post a step by step photo tutorial on how I made the fondant bunny butt cupcake topper. Here’s what you need:


Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

My dad and I’s birthday are┬ácoming up in a few weeks and we’re going to celebrate it with my extended family today. A couple of┬ádays ago, my dad tasked me to bake a cake at the very last minute and I began flustering because I was not prepared in the slightest… I didn’t even have all the proper equipment or ingredients to do cake decor! Picking the simplest cake to make as possible that I know my family will like (one that’s not too sweet), I decided to make a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake.

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

I did struggle quite a bit to make it seeing as it was my first time but it was quite the learning experience to say the least. For this post, I took a different approach and did a step by step picture walkthrough of the entire process (for the most part). See more after the jump!  Continue reading