Strawberry Roses For Your Foodie Valentine

This Valentine’s day weekend, I wanted to do something different and woo the foodie bf in a way I think would impress him. Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I was inspired to make these Strawberry roses and form them into a bouquet. Not only do they look good, but they taste good too!

Strawberry RosesThey’re surprisingly easy to make too!

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Elmo Cupcakes – A How To Guide

A few weeks ago it was my Mom’s birthday and in an effort to surprise her, I decided to make her Elmo cupcakes. At first I wasn’t sure how to approach it.. I saw lots of people making Cookie Monster cupcakes but rarely Elmo. For the Elmo cupcakes that I did find online, none of them looked that cute. What I ended up doing was researching a bunch of Elmo cupcakes and borrow elements I thought would work best and incorporate it in my design. The result? This 🙂

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