Strawberry Roses For Your Foodie Valentine

This Valentine’s day weekend, I wanted to do something different and woo the foodie bf in a way I think would impress him. Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I was inspired to make these Strawberry roses and form them into a bouquet. Not only do they look good, but they taste good too!

Strawberry RosesThey’re surprisingly easy to make too!

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A Simple Pavlova Recipe

Ah the Pavlova! A simple dessert that is bound to impress others with its colorful selection of fruit toppings garnished on top of a chewy meringue.

PavlovaI was very intimidated at first to make this recipe but it’s pretty easy. The trickiest part would be beating the egg whites to the right stiffness and ensuring that the meringue doesn’t crack in the oven.

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