Oscar the Grouch Cupcake

A few months ago, I made an Elmo Cupcake for my Mom’s birthday. With my Dad’s birthday coming up, I decided to follow the same theme and make him a cupcake that I felt would best represent him. He’s a pretty strict guy so immediately I thought of Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar the Grouch

I tried to search the internet for good examples of Oscar the Grouch cupcakes but unfortunately, he’s not as popular as Elmo so there weren’t that many examples to reference. The ones that I were able to find looked…. really derpy… O_O Not exactly the look I was going for. I know most of the cupcakes I found had Oscar looking really happy with its mouth open but I wanted to portray his angry, grouchy look in this cupcake as my dad can be pretty grouchy at times. As a result, I decided to not give him a smile. Making him was pretty easy, as i’ll highlight in the steps below.

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