Strawberry Lemonade

Have a quart of freshly picked strawberries lying around in the summer time? Consider making a pitcher of fresh Strawberry Lemonade. You only need a few ingredients and you can keep it in a pitcher in your fridge to sip on throughout the week! This would also be a great drink to have when guests are coming over – you can serve it up on your balcony or patio like we did!

Strawberry Lemonade

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Category: Drinks

Strawberry Lemonade


  • 1 quart (4 cups) of fresh strawberries, hulled and halved
  • 1 lemon, cut into quarters
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 5 cup water


  1. Dissolve the sugar in 1 cup of water by heating it up in the microwave for about 45 seconds.
  2. Put the strawberries and the above sugar-water mixture into a blender and blend until thoroughly combined. Pour into your pitcher.
  3. Then, blend the quartered lemon (entire lemon with skin) with the remaining water in the same blender. Strain this mixture through a fine sieve into your pitcher. Stir to combine. If you prefer this recipe to be more sweet, you can add another 1/4 cup of sugar. If you prefer it more sour, add another lemon.
  4. Stir to combine and serve over ice!
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Roasted Sweet Summer Corn recipe

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we recently purchased the Momofuku cookbook by David Chang. As part of our Valentine’s day dinner, I tried a few of his recipes and decided to blog about my experience and how the dishes turned out. Spoiler alert – it turned out surprisingly well!

One of the dishes that I was compelled to was the Roasted Sweet Summer Corn recipe. I was compelled for several reasons:

  • I already had all the ingredients on hand though I did make a substitution for one of the ingredients
  • It had miso butter – the two things we love!
  • BACON (need I say more?)
  • Roasted Onions. MM sweet and savoury 🙂

I didn’t have fresh corn on hand but frozen corn did the trick. I personally found this dish to be quite rich on its own so I tend to pair it with some carbs to cut the richness such as rice. I presume it would also taste great with potatoes (whether baked, mashed, or roasted).  This dish was a great accompaniment to the steamed pork buns that I made, along with the cherry tomato salad and compost cookie for dessert.

Find out how to make this dish using the recipe below, adapted from the Momofuku cookbook. I substituted ramen broth with dashi simply because I don’t have the time or resource to make it and I felt it turned out just as well.

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Cold Soba Noodles with Dipping Sauce

For those of you who don’t know, one of the main reasons why I decided to start this blog was to keep a running collection of recipes that we’ve tried over the years, capturing the ones we enjoyed the most. Instead of making adjustments to recipes and then not remembering what we did to alter it, it was just so much easier to document it online so that we don’t lose our notes considering how unorganized we are. It also makes looking up a recipe much easier because we tend to make things we like over and over again.

As people who love to cook and bake, we thought this would be a great project for us. Plus, it made sharing recipes with family and friends so much easier. We have decided to try and take this project to the next level with the goal to produce a cookbook within the next year. We aren’t really planning to sell the cookbook, it’s more so something we can see as an accomplishment for ourselves. But who knows, maybe it can one day make it to the bookshelf 🙂

The hardest part was thinking about what the theme of our cookbook would be – considering how much we love Japanese food, it made sense that our first cookbook would be about Japanese cooking. We already have quite a bunch of Japanese recipes on our blog such as Agedashi Tofu, Miso Cod, Ochazuke, and Japanese Strawberry Shortcake just to name a few but it’s time to build on it even more. Stay tuned because you will see lots of Japanese recipes coming up on this blog 🙂

I decided to take the day off today to start working on some recipes and update our blog. The easiest dish that I could think of making was Cold Soba Noodles with Dipping Sauce.

Cold soba noodle is a very popular dish in Japan, especially during the summer months when you want something to cool you down. Typically it is served with Mentsuyu sauce which is a multipurpose sauce used in Japanese cooking. It is often served with noodles and tempura dishes just to name a few. Best of all, this sauce can be made in advance and be stored in the fridge for up to a month. This means the next time you’re hungry for some cold soba noodles, all you need to do is boil the noodles which would take no time at all!

How to eat Cold Soba Noodles

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Watermelon Berry Smoothie

After a long and arduous winter that appeared as if it would never end, I think it’s safe to say that summer is just around the corner. Though Spring isn’t quite over yet, this past weekend has been hot hot hot! What better way to cool down than to make a refreshing fruit smoothie?

Wintermelon Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is a bf contribution as he came up with this recipe himself. The ingredients are quite unusual but once you try it, you’ll realize how refreshing it actually is!

Here’s how you make it:

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